Commissioner Meeting minutes – March 2018


March 8, 2018

The regular meeting of Joint Fire Protection Ferry County District 3/Stevens County District 8 was called to order at 6:42 p.m. on March 8, 2018 at the District Office by Chairperson: Charlie Cole.

Present: Commissioners Chez Young, Helen Sowards, Shirly Nevin, and Steve Benell. Chief Herb Hippler, Purchasing Agent Mark Stevens, and Secretary, Shauna Hippler.

Guests: Ken Kerr and Zachary Eisdness

Minutes: Helen made the motion to accept the February 2018 minutes, Steve 2nd, vote was unanimous.

Resolutions: None

Communications to Board: Dave Phel from Fogle presentation: Dave gave a presentation with 4 different options to bring water to the Northport Flatcreek station. The options varied from 8 to 22 thousand dollars. The commissioners will go over the different options. A water sample is also needed before a building permit can be obtained.

New Business: None


  • Shirly: BIAS Rally- Per Diem- Commissioners will now have to pay taxes on their quarterly checks.
  • Hiring Firefighters: Commissioners went over hiring one of our own firefighters instead of a contractor. We would have to report wages to L&I. Shirly called Roger Farris and will need a resolution.

Ken Kerr:

  • Meetings report: Ken talked about the All Hazards Mitigation Plan that the commissioners will need to sign. Its for wildfire protection and will need to be signed in order to receive FEMA funds. Ken is going to contact Brad Tucker to come to the April 12rh commissioners meeting to explain.
  • Deadman Creek Meeting: Ken went over the events and discussion of the meeting.
  • Ken would like to host an open house on May 5th. He applied for an Education Promotion grant to help cover costs of learning materials to hand out.

Budget Report: Shirly went over the budget report.

Voucher approval: Monthly payables were reviewed and approved by commissioners. Helen made the motion to accept and Steve 2nd, vote was unanimous.  

Vouchers Audited and Certified BY THE AUDITING OFFICER AS REQUIRED BY RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090, have been recorded on a listing, which has been made available to the board. As of this date February 8, 2018 the board by a unanimous vote, does approve for payment those vouchers included in the above list and further described as follows: Accounts Payable vouchers #320440 through #320461 in the amount of $9,602.10.

Committee Reports:


  1. NP/FC building progress: Received a quote from Floener Electric of $1646.00 to se up the Pedestal.
  2. Special Meeting (3/15/18) to open bids for the building.
  3. Went over the steps for Avista to set up power.

Steve: Steve went over the accident that Thomas Lonelywolf was in on the way to two different fire calls. And also his ambulance ride to the hospital from what he thought was smoke inhalation.

  1. Communications: None
  2. Fire Safety: None
  3. Recruitment: None
  4. Insurance: None

Medical Officer Report: None

Chiefs Report: DNR phase II grant work has started, the Wetland Study is in progress and awaiting for the permit process to be completed. Herb has also started working on the CAFS on 3824, and might be able to re allocate funds to other projects is permission allows.

There was one structure fire on March 4th (Saturday). A single wide trailer. They saved about 70% of the interior content but suffered heavy smoke and water damage. The could not believe they saved the majority of the structure and took the time to tarp his belongings.

Colville structure training is completed with a total of 6 people completing the class. Herb attended the hands-on training with the crew on Saturday March 7th. Its looking like everyone is struggling with structure fire due to non-activity.

Herb ordered a microphone system for the Training Center, this will help with training and public meetings being held there. The cost was minimal, everything was under $75.00.

The large copy machine suffered a major mother board issue due to the last power outage, he recommends looking at GSA Xcess for another one.

2018 Red Card refresher class will be on April 9, 2018 at 18:00 at the Training Center. The Station Captains will be participating as instructors. Welcome back Ken Kerr!

SCBA bottles: the majority of bottles will be needing hydro testing to be incompliant, we will be sending sets of 5 to Spokane to get tested.

  • Herb found a surplus bulldozer on GSA Xcess. When items get posted on the site we have 5 days to react and submit a request. Herb won the bid and the commissioners made a motion to accept buying it. Helen made the motion to purchase and Steve 2nd. The vote only needed 4 commissioners.

Open Issues:

  • Burn Building: None
  • Executive Session: 9:20 to 9:32.

Helen made a motion to adjourn meeting at 9:35pm Steve seconded. Motion was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted:

Shauna Hippler, Secretary ___________________________________

Charlie Cole, Chairperson ____________________________

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