September Commissioner Meeting Minutes

  MINUTES September 14, 2017

The regular meeting of Joint Fire Protection Ferry County District 3/Stevens County District 8 was called to order at 6:55 p.m. on September 14, 2017 at the District Office by Chairperson: Charlie Cole.

Present: Commissioners Chez Young, Helen Sowards, Shirly Nevin, Steve Benell. Chief Herb Hippler, Purchasing Agent Mark Stevens and Secretary, Shauna Hippler.

Guests: Alivia

 Minutes: Helen made the motion to accept the amended minutes from August, 2017 minutes, Chez seconded. Vote was unanimous.

Resolutions: Charlie read over the current Boot Policy. Shirly read over what will be in the new Boot Policy and will write it out. The new policy will have updated requirements.

State Audit: Shirly received notice from the State Auditor for documents for the annual audit.

Contracting vs State MOB: The Red Cards that come from the district will have a special stamp with the walk test minutes which is 45 minutes vs a Red Card from a Contractor the walk test is 1 hour and 30 minutes. Red Cards from the district cannot be used for private contracting. Commissioners discussed that fire fighters will need to turn in their gear and boots if contracting.

 New Business: Chez went over “kit” specs for Northport Flatcreek Rd Station. The sheet he handed out shows how big the building would be and design.

  • Fogle Meeting on witching: Dave Meyer from Fogle insisted on having the property witched by 2 separate parties. Rod Dupuis found 2 unusable locations and Herb found usable locations. Charlie read over the Fogle contract for drilling.
  • Address: The temporary address for the NP/FC station was given as 3276F Northport Flatcreek Rd, KF WA 99144. After the road permit is given we will receive a permanent address.
  • Contact Avista: Get their crew over to look at the site. Commissioners are thinking it will take around $9,000 to get the power hooked up for the new building.
  • Snow diverter for stove chimney on storage apparatus building: Mark will get a snow diverter.
  • Gary Cotter- design septic system
  • Inspections of the stations: Barstow station will get a new “slab” in front to prevent gravel from getting on the concrete floors.

 Budget Report: Steve made the motion to approve payables, Helen seconded. Motion was unanimous.

Vouchers Audited and Certified BY THE AUDITING OFFICER AS REQUIRED BY RCW 42.24.080 and those expense reimbursement claims certified as required by RCW 42.24.090, have been recorded on a listing, which has been made available to the board. As of this date September 14, 2017 the board by a unanimous vote, does approve for payment those vouchers included in the above list and further described as follows: Accounts Payable vouchers #320237 through #320264 in the amount of $14,528.95. Also voucher 320265 in the amount of $15,925.00.

Committee Reports:

  • Buildings: Chez is doing a great job with handling the new NP/FC station.
  • Communications: None
  • Fire Safety: None
  • Recruitment: None
  • Insurance: None


Medical Officer Report:

Chiefs Report: We should have received a check in the amount of $4225.54 for the last payment of the Phase 2 grant from DNR.

The new truck in Jackson WY will be picked up September 22nd and should be in district on the 24th.

State MOB crews are home from Oregon, they had a 16 day tour, making the district $29,000.

DNR will be shorthanded next week due to crew member returning to college. Herb let them know our district would be available for emergencies outside the district.

It seems like all trucks have needed repairs and new tires or tire repairs. We will work on one vehicle at a time until all are fixed.

We will be starting a new structure training class for the new fire fighters at the end of the month.

Herb appointed a new burn tower project manager and expects to see more movement in getting it up and running. We have had to turn down State MOB requests due to staffing shortages caused by members going to contracting.

 Open Issues:

  • Burn Building – None
  • Warning signs – The new signs for the Tipton station have been installed.
  • Executive Session: 9:17 to 9:27

Helen made a motion to adjourn meeting at 9:28pm Steve seconded. Motion was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted:

Shauna Hippler, Secretary ___________________________________

Charlie Cole, Chairperson ____________________________

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