Fire levy 2019 passes

District 8 (Stevens County) passes new six year fire levy. (Proposition 1)

The votes were 192 for and 47 against.

Thank you District 8 for continuing to support your firefighters and EMTs!

Accepting Bids (Updated 3/5/19)

Update 3/5/19 – Added Scope of Work document.

Joint Fire Protection District Ferry Co#3 and Stevens County #8 is accepting bids for erecting a 68 foot by 48 foot pole building. All building materials will be supplied.

The location of the building site is 3268 Northport-Flat Creek Road, Kettle Falls WA.

Please visit our web page at www.JFPD3-8.org to download the engineered plans or email www.jfpd38office@gmail.com for a hard copied mailed to you.

Bidder must licensed, bonded, and provide prevailing wages in bid.

All bids must be postmarked no later than March 26th 2019.

All bids will be opened March 28th at 6:30pm by the Board of Fire Commissioners.

Please mail bids to
25266 Hwy 395 N
Kettle Falls, WA 99141

Mark on the out side of envelope “Bid”

The board reserves the right to except or refuse all bids

Download plans below. pdf format

Train Derailment – No Injuries

395 North and Water View Rd near Boyd’s Wa. The main engine left the tracks this morning, no injuries and spills reported.

Columbia River Contamination

Update: The spill has been recorded as 650,000 gallons.

Incident Time: 26 Feb/0200 hours

Advised there is currently an ongoing release of acidic solution at the Teck Trail fertilizer operations (25 Aldridge Ave, Trail, BC, Canada).   The material was entering the C4 outfall which goes into the Columbia River but now is being diverted into a holding reservoir on site. The spilled material was initially flowing at 14 m3 per minute. The plant is in the process of being shut down and investigations on why the spill happened will occur.   Advised the amount of material that was discharged into the Columbia River was 2168.6 m3 with a PH of less than 4.

Earl Dickey

State Emergency Operations Officer

Washington State Emergency Management Division

Washington Military Department

Building 20, MS: TA-20

Camp Murray, WA 98430-5122


New Saws

Joint Fire Protection District Ferry Co #3 and Stevens Co #8 purchased 12 new chains saws.

Thanks to the men and women who participated in state Mob and DNR Fire last year.

The revenue you help bring into the district made it possible to update our chain saws; some of them were 20 years old. We will be adding more equipment to our structure trucks here soon.

I will post the new equipment as it comes in. Please take the time to thank our volunteers who help protect our community.

Chief: Herb Hippler

Ferry County EMS Levy passes

Thank you home owners of Ferry County for your support in our First Responder program.

We will continue updating our equipment, training and medical supplies.

With your help, where able to update one of our older ambulances, please see the video we have posted below in our web page

Special Commisioner’s Meeting

There will be a special comissioner’s meeting on February 7 at 1900 hours to discuss planning and construction of the new Flatcreek Fire Station.

Meeting to be held at the Barstow Training Centre.

Ice Rescue Training

Multi-agency training for Ice Rescue.

Saturday, January 26, 2017. 0930. Meet at Training Center.

Annual Ice Rescue Training / Refresher Class 2019

Where: 25266 Hwy 395 N (Barstow Training Center)
When: January 26th 2019
Time : 09:30 am
What: teach, reach throw, row and go.

Phone: 509-680-8873 / 509-738-4591

Email: jfpd38chief@gmail.com

Items: Please bring your PDF, PPE and throw ropes

Agenda: This years we will be having a two hour class room training followed by a field training on the ice. Everyone is welcome and lunch will be provided.

NO FEE to attend.

Please Email me with a head count at the above email address.


Joint Fire District Ferry Co#3 and Stevens #8
25266 Hwy 395 N Kettle Falls WA 99141

New Ambulance

We have a new ambulance! Well, new for us. It will help to replace aging and out of service vehicles so we can get the equipment we need to the patients that need it.

JFPD 3&8
25266 Hwy 395 N
Kettle Falls, WA 99141

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